Sand & Grus AB Jehander
178 91 Munsö

The Löten quarry has a long history in Jehander. The excavating started in the late 19th century. Most of the sand and gravel products, and in recent years also rock products, have been shipped by boat to Stockholm and its surroundings.

The plant has had an excavating area about 200 hectares. Most of it has been recultivated in different periods. The former ridge today consists of a gently undulating landscape with small hills and lakes. The area has become very attractive for outdoor life. In some of the small lakes there are crayfish in another salmon and other game fish. There are also trails for jogging in the summer and skiing in the winter. A beekeeper will exhibit his hives in the plant area every summer.

Spezielle Habitate, Fauna und Flora: 

Original vegetation has actively been reintroduced with an increased proportion of leaf trees. The number of species – both flora and fauna – is large.  Approximately 1 kilometre of untouched gravel ridge remains in the south and is since 2007 defined as a nature conservation area (naturskyddsområde).

The area has a strong presence of animals such as moose, dear, boar and hare. Birds like sand martins occur in high numbers too due to their untouched nests in the area. Osprey is another bird breeding in the area.

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