Well-recognized experts to assess international competition

24 Jan 2012
Two of the most recognized nature conservation organisations, BirdLife International and The Jane Goodall Institute have confirmed their direct participation in the jury.

HeidelbergCement is proud to announce the composition of its international jury for the Quarry Life Award competition. Two of the most recognized nature conservation organisations, BirdLife International and The Jane Goodall Institute have confirmed their direct participation in the jury. Their representatives, Angelo Caserta and Dr. Shadrack Mkolle Kamenya respectively, will complement the extensive experience of the famous German ecologist and land manager Dr Ulrich Tränkle.  HeidelbergCement itself will be represented by the Managing Board member in charge of Environmental Sustainability, Daniel Gauthier, and the Group Biodiversity and Natural Resources manager, Dr.  Michael Rademacher. Both of whom will provide business insight and practical feasibility of the competing projects.


Since 2009, Mr. Caserta has been employed by BirdLife Europe as Regional Director.  He is responsible for partner development with special regard to promoting joint programs and the effective functioning of the Supporting Partners’ System.  He represents Birdlife to European institutions and organizations to develop collaboration where appropriate.  He brings 25 years experience in nature protection and development of educational projects to this jury.


Since 1997, Mr. Kamenya has been employed by The Jane Goodall Institute -Tanzania as Co-director of the Gombe Stream Research Center with Dr. Anthony Collins.  With degrees in Anthropology and Conservation Biology, Mr. Kameny brings 25 years experience in biodiversity conservation. His Doctoral research work included studying the range and feeding behaviours of red colobus monkeys at Gombe National Park.  His research focused on primate behaviour, conservation status and human land issues.


Dr. Tränkle is a widely published expert on land management with particular expertise in quarry environments.  Holding a PhD in Ecology he has focused his work on phytosociological, floristical and statistical comparison of the quarries and their surrounding.  He has worked to develop practical applications of new concepts in restoration and reclamation of quarries.  His 30 years of field experience in both biodiversity management and landscape ecology brings a great value to this jury.


  • Daniel Gauthier
    Member of the Managing Board

Mr. Gauthier brings to the jury 30 years experience with the company.  Having a board member on the jury shows the dedication and support from the top, that biodiversity is a priority for HeidelbergCement.  As a mining engineer, he has held various positions at plant level, then as Technical Director, Strategy and Development Director and Senior General Manager responsible for HeidelbergCement Central European operations.  In 2000 he was appointed to the Managing Board where he currently heads the Group Area North-West Europe, Middle-East and Africa as well as leads the Global Environmental Sustainability department.


  • Dr. Michael Rademacher
    Biodiversity & Natural Resources Manager
    Global Environmental Sustainability

Since 2000, Dr. Michael Rademacher has been employed by HeidelbergCement. With a strong background in nature conservation, field ecology and project management he is responsible for the Group biodiversity policy.  Dr. Rademacher brings 16 years of expertise in biodiversity management in mining sites, from mapping and monitoring to site rehabilitation and public – private partnerships with large organization such as the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH.  Dr Rademacher holds a PhD in Ecology and is a specialist in plants, birds, grasshoppers, dragonflies, amphibians, butterflies and bats. 


Angelo Caserta
Dr. Shadrack Mkolle Kamenya
Dr. Ulrich Tränkle
Daniel Gauthier
Dr. Michael Rademacher