The team wants to breed a sheep race which will graze in the quarry of Geseke. A recultivated quarry needs to be maintained, e.g., bushes and trees must be cut regularly. The use of agricultural machines often has the side effect, that some of the protected species are destroyed during the care procedure.

A proven possibility is the use of sheeps in restoration areas. They hold down the growth of unwished crops and ground cover and ensure the deployment of the valuable species. By trampling the ground they additionally tighten the ground and can reach even inaccessible areas.

The typical sheep-races are only partial appropriate for this kind of environment, the conditions are difficult for the sheep to life in. Although they must be sheared regularly, which brings additional costs and effort. The target of this project is to raise a new, specialised sheep-race for the restoration of quarry areas, which should be more persistent, easy-careing and undemanding than known races.