As the quarry is still active, the given activities must be adapted to this situation. It seems to be reasonable to focus on increasing awareness of the Opatovice quarry in the form of a nature trail and organizing an exhibition about the quarry. We are also planning to create a detailed herbarium from this location. We would like to support the diversity in the quarry location by building „insect little houses“. Vzhledem k tomu, že lom je stále aktivní, je potřeba přizpůsobit dané aktivity této situaci. Zdá se nám nejlepší zaměřit se na rozšíření povědomí o lomu Opatovice a to ve formě naučné stezky a uspořádání výstavy o lomu. Dále bychom také chtěli vytvořit podrobný herbář z této lokality. Chceme také podpořit biodiverzitu v lokalitě lomu a jeho blízkosti vybudováním "hmyzích domečků".


As there is only one day left for us to finish our project, we have something to tell everyone, who reads our updates.

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Photo gallery is available for public

You can now look at all the photos of flora we took while visiting the quarry:

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First visitors on our lookout

We heard that our lookout has already welcomed some people.

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The opening of the lookout

We finally finished the work on the lookout, so it was oficially opened last week.

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Thursday was a very busy and important day for out QLA team. Do you wonder why? Well, on Thursday, we celebrated the opening of our exhibition!

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Fourth time in the quarry

We visited the quarry once more and finally finished the insect house!

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Work on the lookout continues

We spent another day building our insect house and we improved the railings.

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Building an insect house

Yesterday, we started building an insect house!

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Last week, we started building the lookout. By today, it’s almost done.

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Our exhibition

You are ordinary welcome on our exhibition.

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Creating the map

Choosing which sites are going to be drawn on the map.

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Photo galery

We started working on our photo galery where will be flowers from the quarry.

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Thursday's meeting

discussing the suggestions for the lookout ...

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Our third biological expedition to the quarry.

Third expedition was aimed at examining the characteristic flora on each floor of the quarry. We also admired globular formations in the rock wall. The quarry simply surprised us yet again.

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The extraordinary beauty of ordinary things. :)

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Our second biological expedition to the quarry.

Next biological survey of fauna and flora.

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