The top proposals from the incredible 454 submitted have been selected to become projects in the 2016 edition.

After much deliberation, the national juries for our 19 competition areas have now selected 94 proposals to begin their research.  Thank you to everyone who applied for the 2016 edition of the Quarry Life Award, and congratulations to those who now advance to the next stage!

The following projects will conduct their research from April to September 2016.

Australia contest:

  • Elizabeth Timmiss
    Quarries as a refuge: Kables sand quarry, a haven for the endangered Blue Mountains water skink
  • Luke O'Loughlin
    Using an alternative method to assess the species diversity of rehabilitated sites
  • Michelle Ryan
    Predator playground; the role of quarries in the lives of wild dogs
  • Michael Sievers
    Enhancing biodiversity and habitat suitability at the Kables Sands Plant for native amphibians

 Benelux contest

  • Claude Vilvens
    Land and freshwater snails: a too poorly known fauna of the quarries
  • Jozef Willems
    Naturally … Art! An educational art project based on the environment at ENCI quarry Maastricht
  • Benoit Gauquie
    La Baguette in Gaurain, a coal tip for the nature-curious
  • Thomas Coppée
    Spatio-temporal dynamics of butterfly bush in quarries
  • Laurence Delwiche
    Nature and quarry

Bosnia & Herzegovina contest:

  • Abdulah Šljivo
    Caution is the mother of wisdom
  • Tarik Dervović
    Mapping Types of Habitats at the Ribnica Quarry Using Contemporary Methods in Ecology
  • Anela Zorlak
    Creating an environmentally renewable system in the Ribnica quarry by making artificial wetland
  • Naida Alajbegović
    The introduction
  • Semir Dorić
    Macrozoobenthos as Biodiversity and Habitat Quality Indicator of Quarry Ribnica's Hydroecosystems

Czech Republic contest:

  • Jitka Hrežová
    Nature trail through the stone quarry
  • Pavel Veselý
    Experiment in biodiversity management of Quarry Mokra: Innovative approaches in ecological restoration
  • Karla Meixnerová
    Influence of Mokra quarry on local climate and diversity of species
  • Michal Plátek
    Return of the pond turtle to the Czech Republic: a potential of the Hulín sand pit for biodiversity
  • Ondřej Popelka
    Gravel pit Hulín: towards harmony among diverse interests

DR Congo contest:

  • Kevin Mankununu
    The reforrestation of the neighborhood of Lukala and the Waterfalls region with Leucaena
  • Prosper Nguizani
    Phytosociological studies of different plant communities in the C45 Quarry
  • Blaise Muloki
    Ecosystem analysis and perspectives of biodiversity management in Lukala
  • William Nianda
    The preservation of endangered animal species and medicinal plant reserves in the C45 Quarry
  • Kimbembi Ma Ibaka Alexis
    The ichtyological biodiversity and the condition factor of fish species of C-45 Quarry

Germany contest:

  • Christiane Kranz
    Colonization of concrete pools – swimming pools for Yellow-bellied Toads
  • Sandra Pschonny & Sabrina Behrendt
    Great impact with little effort – optimization of reptile habitats by using existing materials
  • Gerd Wettstein
    Dazzling fliers on the road to success - Bee-eaters conquer the Nußloch Quarry
  • Elisabeth von Campenhausen
    Nature only works if we do it together - Students “understand” the diversity of the insect and plant diversity
  • Dr. Philipp Gebhardt
    Quarry biodiversity in focus – exploring the barcode of life

Ghana contest:

  • Micheal Owusu Tweneboah
    Determing the best soil enrichment method for reclamation using ANOVA  technique
  • Masen Koranteng
    Geospatial assessment of biodiversity transformations in and around the Yongwa quarry site
  • Dwomoh Jonas
    Slope wall stability and biodiversity promotion:The use of Gramineae bambusoideae
  • Daniel Cudjoe
    Restoration of biodiversity using Voandzeia subterranea (Bambara beans)
  • Emmanuel Taye
    Impacts of quarry dust on water resources and effects on biodiversity, the Odonata assessment

Indonesia contest:

  • Wahyudi Nelvianto
    Study of Arthropod and Earthworm Diversity as a Bioindicator for Reclamation Success
  • Siti Nurleily
    Exploring Calotropis gigantea’s potential as a cost-effective ameliorant in clay pit rehabilitation
  • Bagus Herwibawa
    i-Drive: a Quick, Simple, and Inexpensive Method to Design a Recommendation of Reclamation on Former Limestone Quarry
  • Nisa Rachmania
    Rehabilitation of Ex-Mining Area with Phytoremediation Plants and Biofertilizer Application
  • Andi Risasmoko
    Determining High Adaptability Tree Species in Former Quarry Hambalang

Kazakhstan contest:

  • Svetlana Kim
    Establishment of fish farming lake, construction of ecological tourist zone
  • Raikhan Isskakova
    Concept of Turgen tourist recreational landscape park creation
  • Lina Lebedeva
    Usage of the Complex Method of Soil Enrichment
  • Dmitriy Faleev
    Studying the role of Arbuscular mycorrhiza in the formation of plant communities in quarries
  • Sergey Sklyarenko
    Creation of enriched ecosystem and biodiversity conservation awareness

Northern Europe contest:

  • Petter Lindström
    Post-industrial biotopes re-imagined, a design proposal for Löten quarry, Sweden
  • Emma Svahn
    Optimizing wetland functions to local conditions in connection to quarries
  • Kajsa Jansson
    Strategic Restoration Guidelines for Sustainable Development at Quarry Sites
  • Kristina Emelianova
    Plant species richness at Bjørntvet and the site’s biodiversity in light of revegetation and future use
  • Carl-Richard Saks
    Increasing biodiversity in Aru-Lõuna limestone quarry by reclamation

Poland contest:

  • Aleksandra Adamczyk
    Biodiversity of ectomycorrhizal fungi in the Limestone Quarry "Górażdże"
  • Dr Krystyna Walińska
    Measures to optimize the habitat conditions within the KSM Nowogród Bobrzański
  • Emilia Banasiak
    Trees as a key element in the shaping of landscape and biodiversity of post-mining areas
  • Katarzyna Łuczak
    Wild fruitful trees and bushes as element of biodiversity of reclaimed “Górazdże” limestone quarry area
  • Marcin Sikora
    The active protection of the bees together with 3 D - nature visualization of the “Górażdże” limestone Quarry

Romania contest:

  • Stefan Moldovan
    Relocation and repopulation of Bicaz Chei Quarry with the critically endangered Apollo butterfly
  • Alexandra Telea
    Biodiversity research & raising awareness – keys for landscape and biodiversity reconstruction
  • Ioana Stoicescu
    One Landscape, Two Stories: People and Birds
  • Mariana Niculescu
    Diversity, distribution, ecology of the plant communities and habitats in the Bicaz Chei quarry
  • Silvia Gabriela Iftode
    Origins and evolution of geo-biodiversity of Iglicioara Quarry,Tulcea County

Russia contest:

  • Evgeny Maltsev
    DNA barcoding in algae is a first stage of the research of the quarry biodiversity and monitoring
  • Yury Ermolaev
    Ecological education in Gurovo quarry
  • Yanina Dmitrakova
    Biodiversity in space and time
  • Viner Khabibullin
    The ground invertebrates as indicators of biodiversity in quarries
  • Anna Ufimtseva
    Vertebrates in Pechurki: the current state of the fauna and the prospects for its settling in the quarry

Spain contest:

  • Miguel Martín
    Writing off the problem. How does extraction of aggregate finish in beautiful landscapes?
  • Rocío de Torre
    Linking quarries and their surroundings by restoration ecology for aquatic mammals
  • Sergio Sánchez
    Quarry Microbiome Observatory: microbial communities and restoration processes
  • Verónica Cruz
    Stepping ponds: enhancement of connectivity for amphibians in riverside gravel pits
  • Zoë Rohrer
    Guide for the Management of Sand Martin populations (Riparia riparia) in Gravel Pits

Tanzania contest:

  • Boniphace Nkombe
    Analyzing the role of earthworms to improve soil drainage and biodiversity at Wazo Hill Quarry
  • Siajali Pamba
    Ecological Modelling of Species Richness for measuring restoration success in Wazo Hill Quarry
  • Paulina Abias
    Pilot Study of using Wazo Hill Quarry for Teaching Kindergarten Children to Conserve Biodiversity
  • Diana Mbogo
    Educational, Innovative and Entertaining Biodiversity Quarry Tour
  • Halima Omary Mangi
    Assessment of local communities’ awareness of biodiversity within and around Wazo Hill Quarry

Togo contest:

  • Abalo Mabafei
    Characterization and mapping of natural habitats and ecological corridors at Sika-Kondji
  • Viwanou Ziggar
    Creation and development of educational tools to promote biodiversity at Sika Kondji
  • Outéndé Toundou
    Wastes-soils-plants-animals: a cooperation to boost Sika-Kondji career biodiversity
  • Tata-Noyou Batchabani
    Creation of a park and installation of an integrated verge associated with apiculture in a quarry
  • Kadjogbe Abra Olanlo
    Impact of sustainable land management on biodiversity through agroforestry

Turkey contest:

  • Sena Kurtuluş
    From quarry to lap of nature
  • Ali Salih Çelik
    Which mining in which environment?
  • Hüma Ülgen
    Learning about biodiversity through games
  • Berke Olcaysoy
    Naked rock field rehabilitation by using mutualistic life systems
  • Mustafa Eray Bozyel
    Phytoremediation of the Bozalan Quarry

UK contest:

  • Bath Spa University
    Biodiversity restoration - can drones provide an accurate, efficient and safe survey method?
  • Cranfield University
    An investigation of restored soil health at Ketton to improve ecosystem services
  • Nottingham Trent University
    The invertebrate biodiversity importance of bare ground habitat in Misson sand & gravel quarry
  • University of South Wales
    Using emerging technologies to capture the habitat potential of abandoned benches at Craig yr Hesg
  • University of West England
    Impacts of grassland restoration on availability of bat prey

Ukraine contest:

  • Svetlana Prokhorova
    Composing a jigsaw puzzle: a sustainable ecosystem in the place of a former quarry
  • Vlad Polsha
    Restoring biodiversity and sustainability of ecosystem of quarry with the help of useful species of etnomofauna
  • Ludmila Arabadzhy
    Educational tourism for youth
  • Tatiana Kuzmenko
    Increase of ornithovariety of Rybalsky Quarry
  • Viktoria Katsevich
    Quarry as a practical training for high-qualified ecologists