Project teams have begun the research phase of the contest and are hard at work in our quarries. Exciting discoveries are regularly being posted online by the participants. You can follow their amazing project ideas and show your support for the projects of your choice!

During the research period, we encourage you to follow the progress of the projects and give them a star-rating.

Via the “participating projects” button you will find all project blogs from the 2016 edition. Check out these fantastic projects and participants’ updates – they also include amazing pictures of our quarries’ flora and fauna. You can now give each project a star-rating out of five to help them gain further acknowledgement.

How to vote for projects

Show your support to the researchers by voting for your favourite projects; a rating of one to five stars can be given to each project.

Open a project page and simply click on the number of stars you wish to give to that project. One star represents a low value and five stars represents a high value project. You can give a star-rating to as many projects as you want, but it’s only possible to vote once per project.

If you have not yet registered on the QLA website, the system will ask you for your email address. Please note that your email will be added to our community list and therefore included on the mailing list to which a newsletter is issued four times a year.

Help your favourite projects to get more votes

When you discover a project you particularly like, or read an interesting update, you can help to further promote the project in question by sharing it with your friends on your Facebook page or other social media platforms. Simply click the button for the social media you have an account with and add a comment about why you like the project.

By holding a public vote we will discover which projects are of particular interest to the general public – your votes will give the project teams a boost and help us to improve our future communication on biodiversity. Not only that, but by ‘sharing’ your favourite projects on social media you will contribute directly to the promotion of biodiversity and improved biodiversity management worldwide. With your help we can raise awareness far beyond the 40 quarries participating in 22 countries!

The public vote will close at the end of the research period, 30th September 2016. The most popular projects will be featured on the website, as well as during the different National and International Award ceremonies. However, the public vote will not be taken into account by the jury for final winner selection.

Follow, vote, share – help our participants raise awareness of biodiversity worldwide!