Tokpli Township is a mining area occupied by SCANTOGO Mines SA (Tabligbo East Quarry) which has been operating in Togo since some years and is involved in the extraction of Limestones. According to his environmental action plan, SCANTOGO seeks to promote organic farming in order to help the population to preserve the soil, its biodiversity and human health. In the same vein, this company promotes agroforestry practices and the use of bio-pesticides to promote agriculture, biodiversity and human health. This project is an part of this approach and aims to develop cultural and diagnostic methods to improve vegetables production using GIS (to identify states of degradation of different soil in the mining areas and the topsoil) and indigenous fertilizers and insecticidal plants species of the farms around the mining area. At the end of this project, degradation states of the different soils of the mining area, list of bio-fertilizing and insecticidal plants as well as the cultural methods based on the use of area native plants species will be known. Agronomic tests will be conducted on the main vegetable crops to evaluate the potentials of the different endogenous species identified as fertilizing and bioinsecticidal plants. Synthesis Geo-ecological map, the list of bio-fertilizing and Bio-insecticide native plants species identified will be an adequate tools to improve crops yields in the mining areas and the rehabilitation of the topsoil with a low cost after exploitation.