Naturally functioning wetlands provide a variety of benefits and services for people's livelihoods and well-being. They are also extremely rich in biodiversity. It is all the more alarming that the degradation of wetland has become a global problem.

The construction of dams, water extraction and climate change are some of the major threats wetland areas are exposed to. Read more about the importance of wetland and the risks it faces on our partner’s BirdLife International homepage.

Given these facts, it is no surprise that a wetland area along one of our quarries in France has been declared ‘degraded’ in 2009.
The French QLA team succeeded in restoring and improving the area’s functionality – especially the connection with the main river, which is essential for the reproduction of two red-listed fish species in France.

For this accomplishment and for showing the close links between quarries and their surroundings, the team is this edition’s winner of the category “Beyond quarry boarders” in the Research Stream.

See here how the winner describes his project and QLA experience.