Quarry Life Cycle: Dance Project seeks to give artistic expression to the life cycle of a quarry. A team of Filmmaker and two Contemporary Dancers will  travel to quarries in Germany and film a dance video as they interpret the many stages of a quarry: the  excavation and uses of source material, the changing of the landscape, and in the final stage the repurposing of the land for community and wildlife. Civilization will continue to require the harvesting of raw materials but not all quarries are managed the same. Heidelberg Cement shows how responsible and careful planning and partnership can create an environment for wildlife and community growth. This video will seek to educate the public on the restoration work Heidelberg Cement has initiated to a broad international audience. By changing public perception we can also influence other businesses to initiate similar restoration works. This video will combine artistic methods with education and illuminate the powerful ethical business practices Heidelberg cement has employed to protect the local community and global environment.