The research project aims to the ecological characterization of the area of the former Italcementi Santa Giustina quarry in Castenedolo (BS).
The study aims to collect useful information for the correct management direction for conservation purposes of the environmental restoration works, in the short and medium term.
A botanical survey will be carried out for the characterization of the flora component, three groups of Insects, known as good bioindicators of habitats, will be monitored: lepidoptera “butterflies”, ground beetles and orthoptera. The composition and abundance of breeding birds
-group at the top of the food chain- will be surveyed as a top-level ecological indicator.
The data collected will be analysed for the detection of the differences between observed communities and expected/potential communities, also through bibliographic comparison with other similar surveys conducted nearby.
The outcomes will allow the formulation of management proposals for the Santa Giustina site, which promote its strategic function as a source area of biodiversity and stepping stone within the ecological network of the medium Lombard plain.

Research project completed

Results of the research in Santa Giustina: between interesting observations and perspectives for a relevant future ecological development

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...fauna volante...di fiore in fiore...


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The beetles

Another step... E' iniziato il monitoraggio dei Coleotteri Carabidi.

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Primi dati anche per quanto riguarda gli uccelli, censiti nella mattinata di sabato 8 Aprile.

Interessanti sorprese nell’ambito del censimento ornitologico dell’area dell’ex cava di Santa Giustina, svolto attraverso la percorrenza di due transetti standard, con rilievo delle specie di uccelli presenti, al canto o per osservazione diretta.

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Primo sasso!

Venerdì 8 Aprile, in una giornata calda e leggermente ventosa, sono iniziate le attività di indagine entomologica a Santa Giustina.

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