We know the "classical" snail with a globose big shell, and also the "pointed" snails, the Clausiliidae (see other updates). But there are other "strange" snails that you can find in the Loen quarry :

1) the Hairy Snail (Trochulus hispidus) : this snail has hairs ! Of course, these are not on the body of the snail, but on its shell. Explanation : the shell is not a only a limestone stone, but a mixing of calcite and of an organic substance and this latter can produce the hairs.

2) the Pfeiffer's Amber Snail (Oxyloma elegans) : its very elongated, thin and fragile shell is indeed amber coloured. This shell is also translucent and you can see the body of the snail through it. This kind of snails likes the wet areas near ponds and rivers - some people think that they are freshwater inhabitants !

3) the Round-mouthed Snail (Pomatias elegans) : this in fact a related to the well known marine Periwinkle that you can find on the seafood plate. Its major feature is its "door", a cover plate it bears on his back : when the snail withdraws in its shell (typically because it feels a danger or it find to temperature to hot), it closes the aperture with this plate to avoid to loose dampness.

4) the Ear-shaped glass snail (Eucobresia diaphana) : this is a "semi-slug" ;-). That means, this gastropod has a shell, but too small to withdraw completely into it. This shell is very thin and fragile, with a very large last whorl. You can find it in the wet litter of dead leaves.