Fr, 23/02/2018 - 00:35

It's been a busy few weeks at Tice's Meadow as work continues on our Biodiversity Trail.

Saturday 10th February saw 11 volunteers build a new tern raft from donated materials. Thanks to the generous backing of Hanson, we were able to use stronger mesh than on our previous rafts, which will hopefully require less maintenance in future.

On Friday 16th February, we put up the last of the 45 new nest boxes on site - all placed along the route of our Biodiversity Trail. All of the boxes have been fitted with hinged lids to enable our licensed bird ringer to conduct a nest box monitoring and ringing scheme.

Thursday 22nd February saw us take delivery of 3 oak benches and 16 waymarker posts, ready for installation on site along the route of the Biodiversity Trail.

After a frustrating, but out of our control, delay, planning permission for our Swift Tower has been applied for. We will begin construction of the nesting structure soon, so hopefully we can have it erected as soon as permission is received.

The woodland bird feeding station has continued to prove popular with both the birds and the visitors. Record numbers of Siskin and Chaffinches have been seen using it recently. Who knows what the forthcoming cold snap could bring in!