Mi, 02/05/2018 - 00:54

April 26th saw the first of our new site signage erected on site by a team of seven volunteers.

- Three A2 dibond signs were erected on poles at each secondary site entrance.
- A large dibond sign was hung on the field gate at the site's main entrance.
- These signs were designed in-house, with the entrance signs each containing a site map, site rules and an overview of the work of the Tice's Meadow Bird Group.

May 1st saw a team of 8 volunteers take delivery of, and erect the rest of our new site signage, designed and manufactured externally by DAB Graphics.

- An impressive combined unit, consisting of a steel framed A1 site map and A2 lockable noticeboard was erected at the main site entrance.
- Three steel A2 lectern mounted interpretation panels were erected at key spots around the site - educating visitors about Butterflies, Amphibians & Meadow Wildlife.
- Two steel A2 wall mounted interpretation panels were also delivered. One will be attached to the Woodland Feeding Station (Woodland Birds), and the other in the Birdwatching Shelter (once it is built) (Meadow & Hedgerow Birds).
- Waymarker discs were attached to each of the 16 new waymarker posts along the Biodiversity Trail.
- All the above signage has been printed on encapsulated GRP - a long lasting, vandal & fade resistant material.

All of our new signage was paid for with generous grants from Hanson and the National Lottery Big Lottery Fund.