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The birds of the quarry are presented at all trophic levels. The goldfinch is a
primary consumer, sand martins are insectivores (secondary consumers) and
the Kestrel is a tertiary consumer.
To illustrate this box we have picked up and ordered the feathers of a Common
Chaffinch, picked up a few pellets (of barn owl), and a skull and legs of a
Common Chaffinch.
Given the importance of the birds in the biodiversity of an ecosystem, multiple
plans have been developed to increase the number of these animals. Here, we
represent two BPs: the first one is specific for sand martins, which make nests
by digging on slopes of large inclination, as shown in the left corner of the box,
so they are protected from any land threat.
The second plan focuses on the Kestrels and is called nesting box. With this
plan, we favour the nesting within the enclosure of the quarry and its
surroundings, as well as the regulation of micro-mammal populations.