Post COVID-19 pandemic, I have been keen to widen my knowledge and gain more experience in the field. As an aspiring Environmental Scientist with a passion for wildlife, partaking in the Quarry Life Awards (QLA) has been the perfect opportunity to further my fieldwork skills and put theory learned throughout my degree into practice, while also working with established consultants and experts in the field. The project investigates sand properties for sand lizard breeding across six sites at four locations in Dorset. It aims to inform the creation of more receptor sites, and highlights the ecological importance of UK quarry sites for the rare sand lizard (Lacerta agilis) found predominantly in Dorset and across the South of England. During the summer months, I and fellow student Martin, have been assisting in laboratory analysis of the sand samples collected at each of the six sites, at each of the four locations. Speaking for myself, this experience so far has been both invaluable and enjoyable. It has complimented my academic interests and given me an insight into working in both research and environmental consultancy.